Foto handla om Det gröna smaragdfärgbladet av smaragdträdet, ormträdet eller kinesdockaväxten Vetenskapligt namn som Radermachera Sinica. Bild av kines​ 


1Pc Plastic Nep Kunstmatige Radermachera Sinica Plant Bloem Bonsai Tuin Decor,Koop van verkopers in China en van rond de hele wereld. Profiteer van 

Kw J. de Groot BV. 27. 12. A1. 5. ×. Radermachera sinica.

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Kina. Färg. Gul. Användning. Som krukväxt.

Rhoicissus rhombifolia. Rosa. Saintpaulia.

26 okt. 2017 — Vattna sparsamt och låt den torka ut mellan vattningarna. Vill inte torka ut. Rumsask, Radermachera sinica, är en tålig växt som gillar ljus och 

Radermachera sinica (China Doll) Basic Care: China Doll is a beautiful bushy houseplant that has lush, finely divided leaves giving it an elegant appearance. China Doll (Radermachera sinica) · Features. This beautiful Asian native provides a lovely, natural tree-form for indoor settings.

Radermachera sinica

Citation: RADERMACHERA SINICA (Hance) Hemsley, Hooker's Icon. Pl. 28: pl. 2728. 1905. Basionym: Stereospermum sinicum Hance 1882. Type: CHINA:

Asian Bell plants need plenty of bright, but indirect light. Radermachera Sinica / China Doll Plant / Serpent Fern Tree $ 69.85 $ 49.95.

Radermachera sinica

Radermachera sinica’s are pretty hardy plants so long as you put them in the right environment to start with. As mentioned above, if you fiddle around with them and move them a lot, they will respond by promptly dying…so avoid this! A popular houseplant, this tree makes a handsome outdoor specimen in mild or cool climates near the coast and has some drought tolerance once established. The large, compound, twice-pinnate leaves are very distinctive. A mature specimen has pure-white or cream long-tubed flowers that are said to be carnation-fragrant. Radermachera Zoll. & Moritzi – china doll Species: Radermachera sinica (Hance) Hemsl.
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In its native habitat, in southern China and in Taiwan, this plant   Radermachera sinica is widely planted as an ornamental plant in homes, offices, and malls in China. A leaf spot of R. sinica occurred in Luoyang, China, from  Radermachera sinica China Doll is a compact tree that makes a wonderful long lasting houseplant. China Doll plants may drop their leaves when they are  Radermachera sinica · Category: Trees. Tropicals and Tender Perennials · Water Requirements: Requires consistently moist soil; do not let dry out between  Each order will give you 20 Radermachera Sinica Seeds.

Related Products $ 100.00 Banana Add to cart $ 6.00 Radermachera sinica, this flowering evergreen tree originates from the mountain regions of southern China and Taiwan and can reach up to 30m in its natural habitat, this dwarf variety can reach a height of around 3m when mature and it does not normally flower when kept as a houseplant. Radermachera sinica is an attractive foliage plant that can be used indoors or outside. With glossy dark green bipinnate leaves and an open habit it makes a great indoor specimen and can be used much in the same way as a ficus. It will flower with age and sufficient light, General information about Radermachera sinica (RADSI) THIS WEBSITE USES COOKIES Our website uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best possible online experience.
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Radermachera Sinica. aka China doll, Asian bell flower. Handsome foliage plant that can be used indoors or out with glossy dark green leaves and yellow flowers in spring. Prefers rich fertile soil with reliable moisture so water regularly in the warmer months and prune to encourage dense new growth.

The large, compound, twice-pinnate leaves are very distinctive. A mature specimen has pure-white or cream long-tubed flowers that are said to be carnation-fragrant. Radermachera Zoll.